Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yesterday was Lucy's 3rd birthday! I cannot believe how old she is getting. I can remember every detail of the day she came into my life. It was an incredibly warm February day (Feb. 27) in Provo so obviously, school was NOT an option. My old roommate and I decided to take a fun day instead. We went bowling, went on a walk, and then fate stepped in and we decided to go to Bingham Cyclery to ride beach cruisers and tandem bikes. I walked into the store and there she was up on a pedestal, calling my name. I chose her to ride for the day.

Just so you guys know, you can ride any bike you want at Bingham Cyclery
just by giving them your drivers licence while you are out joy riding. This
is how Lucy came into my life so I think all of you should go try it. Any bike
in the store to ride for free! Its great. And it was an easy way to try out a
tandem bike.
We rode all over Provo. Best day ever. When we got back to Bingham Cyclery I called my mom and informed/asked her if I could buy a bike. Well she agreed to help out a little with the purchase and I threw in some of my money and viola, Lucy was mine. I rode her home and I was as happy as clam. Happier than any other human being on earth has ever been. Ever since that fateful day Lucy has been my center of gravity, the love of my life. She has always been an inside bike, never spending time outside unless we are on a ride. I could never leave her out there all alone. This might be to the detriment of my roommate relationships because I insist my bike lives inside, preferably in the living room so I can see her often. Here are some pictures chronicling her birthdays past. I love ya Luc!

The greatest day of my life is when Lucy came to me. This picture was taken a few hours after I brought her home. Long live P2.

Lucy's 1st Birthday. I was so proud. Unfortunately the weather was not awesome like the day she came to me. It was actually a nasty blizzard outside. It also didn't help that my lame boyfriend at the time wouldn't let me throw a party for her because he thought that was too strange. He did not appreciate being her surrogate dad at all.

Lucy's 2nd Birthday and first duel party with Josh Groban who shares the same birthday. Leslie and I went to town on their combined birthday parities last year!

Lucy's 3rd birthday and of course another combined celebration for Josh Groban - hence our matching JoGro t-shirts.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Life seems to be raining on my parade - a lot. From the bells to today's car accident. Yes, I got in a car accident on my way to work this morning. Great stuff. Good thing for me, I am pretty positive about life. It was about 7:30 am and I was slowly making my way to work in the raging winter wonderland. Cameo can testify I am a pretty safe and confident driver in the snow, it does not scare me. Well this morning it didn't scare me either until I hit a patch of black ice, spun around twice without hitting any other cars but did manage to crash my car into the cement median. Fun times. Lets play the Pollyanna "glad game." I am glad I am okay. I am glad it wasn't worse. I am glad my car is strong and kept me safe. I am glad I have a nice family to help me out. I am glad I got to sit in the cop car for almost an hour learning about cop stuff while waiting for the creepy tow truck driver. I am glad the cop that helped me didn't seem to care that there were other places/people he could be helping but stayed with me so I didn't have to hang out alone with the creepy tow truck driver. I am glad that a teacher covered my classes for me. I am glad that I have something to blog about so that you in turn have something to read.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I bought this at the grocery story after an advertisement convinced me it would be fun. I don't particularly love pancakes but I really wanted to see how this whole "shake 'n pour" thing would work. Well I am here to testify that a) it was fun and b) it makes delicious, fluffy pancakes. Seriously, they were the prettiest, fluffiest pancakes ever. I am known for lacking skill in pancake flipping. I would always get nervous trying to make them because I could never flip a good pancake without ruining it. Not with the Shake 'n Pour. I flipped that freaking pancake into a beautiful piece of art (see photograph for how great my pancakes were). I strongly encourage all of you to try this product. It was $1.30 and it made 5 large pancakes. They make a larger contiainer as well that makes about 10 large pancakes. You will love the act of shaking and pouring but especially that you didn't have to dirty a bowl to mix your batter! Go out and try it today.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am doing so much better now. My taste buds are about 80% accurate now, my smile looks normal, and I no longer have to tape my eye shut at night. I am extremely lucky my little bout with Bells Palsy has been so easy and short. The only visible sign occurs when I am laughing really hard and its noticeable that the right side of my face does not find it as funny as the left.

I got to talk to mom and dad on the webcam a few days ago and they were curious to see what the Palsy looked like but there wasn't much to see. I refused to let them see me when I still looked pretty funny. The only thing they could notice was my delayed reaction blinking. Dad did ask me if I was winking at him.