Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dont ever become "that guy"

This afternoon I was quietly studying for my midterm in a quiet nook of the JFSB. No one is talking around me, there is just the beautiful silence of minds hard at work all studying for the test that might push them over the edge. I was getting some really good study time in and was actually quite focused until "that guy" came walking up and plopped himself in the chair next to me.

He was on his phone so I already wanted to kill him. I gave him the death stare of, "duh, can't you tell this is a place where no one is talking but you and we can all hear what you are saying to Steve on the other line." So not only is he talking but he wasn't even doing the I-am-at-school-on-the-phone-whisper. Once he finally figured out the schedule for his scuba diving class he pulled it out of his back pack: a nasty A meal in gross tupperware - and a plastic fork.

But I also forgot to mention that my dear friend has a breathing problem, meaning he was just breathing. But his breathing is special because he sounded like a freaking lion in heat. It was insane but he wasn't even sick, I know that was just his regular breathing regimine. Well his meal smelled like a junior high boys locker room and apparently the breathing gets worse when he's trying to eat. I grabbed what I could in 3 seconds, didn't even bother backing up, just carried everything I own and took off speed walking down the hall to get away from the loud Breather/Talker/UglyHair/SmellyFood/Tupperware dude.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Grape Diet Coke

Last night was the first Sonic Run of the year. Well at least it was going to be until we got there at approximately 12:07 a.m. and they were closed! WTF? Since when do they close that early? Anyway I really needed a Grape Diet Coke but I guess that will have to wait. For those of you who just read Grape and Diet Coke together, yes its true. It is the best combination that man has created. If you have never had one, even if you dont like DC because I dont normally either, you will love this. It is mostly attributed to the fact that grape is the best flavor on earth. Go RIGHT NOW and get one. You will be thanking me for years to come.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hefty Month of Birthdays

February, a month I used to loathe. Now I have a beam of happiness shining in this crappy month to brighten my life. This is tied to the birth of the greats: Josh Groban and Lucy (my beach cruiser). Corey's birthday is also in this month but he just one of my greats, not everyone else's. Josh and Lucy actually share the same Birthday, February 27th. This is also Josh's golden birthday so we are going to celebrate hard core. Leslie and I are going to throw a little party - and by little I mean just the two of us watching Josh in concert DVDs with our Josh T-shirts on - for our angelic singing boyfriend. Lucy is turning 2, so now that she is getting older and might remember her birthdays, we have to start making them special. I have been hunting on ebay for some new Pom Poms but haven't had any luck yet. I just wanted to send a shout out to my peeps Josh, Lucy, Corey, and we should probably include LaVar Burton whose birthday is also this month (Feb. 16). Reading Rainbow was the shiz so he can't go unnoticed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Housing Fair Lunch

I know I am not conservative when it comes to spending money but I really hate buying food, especially when I am on campus. Three days a week I am on campus from 9am - 7pm. These days I am forced to purchase food (aka vending crap) and I get so mad that I am wasting money when I could be saving all that for the new "A" pocket Sevens.

Anyway, I was roaming campus today and found the best substitute for buying lunch: the housing fair. I was on the phone with my sister Lindsay when I told her about my brilliant plan to gather the free treats from the fair for my lunch. I thought she was going to cry, imagining that I am some street beggar. Well guys, it was a great idea. I had popcorn, cotton candy, a banana, few strawberries, water, and a lot of little candy bars. I could have even had a hot dog but I would rather starve than eat one of those. I also came away with 6 pens, 1 free tanning pass (that I already threw away because I am not a fag), 1 tote, 3 magnets, and 1 full tummy. I am going to search out fairs every time I have to spend all day on campus. I would suggest this to anyone.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Game

A couple months ago Jessica, Heather, and I started our own game. It doesn't have a name but it has an amazing outcome. Let me explain a little. When we are feeling down or that the world is just too hard on people we play this game. We each say 3 things we love about each other. So I would say 3 things I love about Jessica then 3 things I love about Heather. Then its Jessica's turn and she does the same and then Heather says her things. I think everyone should play this game. Not often though, don't ruin it. We have played it enough that it has gotten down to pretty specific things and details about each other but when we first started it was pretty general stuff like, "I love that Heather is into music."

Well we played a round of said game last night and it was pretty funny because there was a new mix added in: Corey. Yes, a boy. How did that throw the game off you ask, well it didn't (he's assimilated to the girls quite well). I think he was a little uncomfortable for a while but then he got over it.

Next time you feel like the people around you need some positive, self-affirmation kind of chit chat you should play this game. It really helps and I feel a lot closer to the people around me. I love my girls for coming up with this game!