Thursday, December 17, 2009


1. World's Strictest Parents on CMT

2. Oprah interviewing Nie Nie (and I don't even read her blog)

3. My roommate bringing me a book to read because she knew I would be home sick all day and probably bored (which I am extremely bored)

4. How cute my medicine bottle lid is - its pink with a breast cancer ribbon on it

5. My grammie calling to check on me

6. My nephew Bennett (who doesn't usually care about me) talking to me on the phone and willing to say more than 2 words

7. Target commercial

8. Utter boredom and lack of seeing other human beings

9. Thinking about my friend Maria Law

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Growing up as the youngest child is a blessing and a curse. I had so many different parents to care for me that I never really had to do anything for myself. Three examples:

1. My mom tucked me into bed every night when I was growing up and when I came home on weekends in college she would always do the same. If mom was gone, dad would do it. If mom and dad were both gone, one of my siblings would do it. None of the other kids got tucked in, just me.

2. I never walked to the bathroom in a public place by myself. Someone would always escort me to the restroom and wait for me to be done because I definitely couldn't walk there and back by myself.

3. I was carried by my parents and siblings for quite a while past toddler-hood. Case in point: I was carried out of my baptism.

Yesterday I truly realized how much I can do all by my lonesome. I got really sick and had to drive myself to the ER at 2 a.m. I was sitting all alone clutching that pink puke bucket thinking about the fact that my parents were not there, my siblings were not there, nobody was there. I wanted somebody to be there with me but it was okay. The doctors got me all fixed up in a few hours and I drove myself home. Yes, I know that I can do life alone, but I don't want to do it alone. I like my parents, a lot. I love that all my siblings live in the same state. I have really good friends. I like it this way. So while I may being doing things physically alone, I'm in no way mentally or spiritually alone. Just to spite the fact that I have grown up and have to actually BE a grown up, I am going to make my momma sleep in my bed when I visit her for Christmas. Suck it life because even though you are making me do everything on my own, I still have the best family and friends that will always be there for me. I guess that's all I need right now.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Over Thanksgiving we played dress-up with some of my dad's extended family. Each group was given a box of random costumes and had to figure out a costume for a turkey, pilgrim, or an Indian. When I opened my box I saw this dress and knew that it would make me the best Pilgrim in the contest. Well the dress isn't just from a costume store! When the compound kids were much younger, my grandparents bought these dresses for all the granddaughters. This little Swiss beauty was worn by one of the girls when they were about 5 or 6. Holla because I got it (half way) buttoned up in the back baby! Yep, I felt slightly great and slightly sad that I could squeeze myself into this dress. But the best part of the whole day was just seeing this thing again after so many years because I loved playing dress up in it when I was a little kid. Thanks Aunt Lou for the dress up game and the stroll down memory lane. And just so you know, I did win the award for best pilgrim costume!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Its that time of year. No, not Christmas, its my mother's birthday. Way to go Aunt Liz! I love ya. I wrote about you last year and I was really nice. I don't think I can say any better. Click HERE if you want to remember all the great things I said about my mother because they still apply. And the best part of her birthday this year is that this is momma's last birthday on the mission.


You know how there are phrases that are common in cultures? Like, "its in the bag" referring to consider it done. When you hear phrases all the time you don't always stop and pay attention to what they really are. Well I am not perfect when it comes to understanding all of these correctly as you can tell by my post about some traumatizing Christmas lyrics. Well this is right along the same lines - but NOT ME this time. I was just grading a student's essay about culture and he referred to his religion and that sometimes "pure pressure" can make it hard to do what he thinks is right. I burst out laughing at my desk, stopped grading his test, and started blogging. This little mistake is so funny to me. Pure Pressure instead of Peer Pressure???!!! This is why I teach junior high ladies and gentlemen, for nuggets of laughter like this. Thanks.