Tuesday, August 30, 2011


While vacationing along the Oregon coast this summer I decided it was high time to build a sand castle. But I am a history teacher so I'm not going to build just any sand castle. Nay. I built a sand (Egyptian) pyramid. It was actually a lot harder to build that it looks and it didn't look super awesome after it was finished. But I loved it. Josh and I worked on it for about 1.5 hours. Good times had by all.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Leslie is not a beyotch.

Leslie changed her mind.

Leslie is not moving to D.C.

Leslie is staying with me!

Leslie made the best decision ever!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Referring to the post I just wrote two hours ago, I need to be more positive. I decided to listen to some conference talks before going to bed. I randomly chose October 2009, Priesthood session, President Uchtdorf. What is this talk about? WORK! Loving work, working hard, being positive about work, etc. He spoke about loving his job of delivering laundry on his bicycle. I get it. Lesson learned. Stop wining that you just got a two month break. Stop wining that life is so hard that I have to go to work tomorrow. Stop thinking that going back to school is the worst thing in the world. Stop thinking that work is so hard and tiring. Seriously. I love that I randomly landed on this talk. Chance? Nope. I needed to hear it.

Side note, he also mentioned that working will upgrade your resume for marriage. True? We'll see.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am sitting on my back porch blogging the night before school starts. Only a select few know what thoughts are rolling through my head (Allison, Cameo, Sarah, Lisa, fellow teachers). I have the weirdest job because I love it so much but I dread going back at the end of summer. Looking at an entire school year from the very beginning its an extremely daunting task. All the things I have to accomplish in the next ten months just makes me so tired already. Last summer was effing awesome. This summer was not-ish. My regrets are as follows:

1. not getting out to see Cam in 'Bama

2. not skydiving more because it is awesome

3. only finishing three projects at my house (new granite counter tops, hanging curtains, and my luscious garden)

4. not exploring Utah enough

5. not doing enough service

6. refusing to go organize my classroom

7. not buying one of everything at world market

8. not realizing the joys of pinterest until mid June

9. sitting for a combined 123 hours in the classes I had to take

10. not getting Kathe's house painted

11. And to top it all off, my Mrs. Petersen left me. What am I going to do???

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

_______ IS A BEYOTCH

It's pronounced bee-otch. Anyway...these are some people who have left me and I hate them and people who are about to leave me and I hate them too (in no particular order):

1. Heather - moved
*Left me twice that trickster. Moved to Texas then came back to me. Now back to Texas. I guess that means it is time to come back to me??

2. Ashton - moved
*Left me for Virginia. Will probably never return to live in the west.

3. Allison - about to move
*This one will be awkward because we have never been apart. All I can say is I already booked my flight to Sacramento for 3 weeks after she leaves.

4. Jaimee - moved
*Left me for Boston. The Belnap children had never ever been separated until this beyotch decided to break from the pack. It is so weird to have our family split up.

5. Leslie - about to move
*Another one of those left-me-twice people. Left me for D.C. and oh wait, leaving me for D.C. again. So fussy.

6. Cameo - moved
*Left me for Alabama and a baby. Also left me to be CTL, not cool.

7. Erica - moved
*Left me for Kentucky. Left her dogs here so it is better.

8. Justin - moved
*Left me for med school. Can you call a boy a beyotch, because I just did???

9. Alisha - moved
*Left me for Vegas. Returns but not frequently enough.

10. Parents - moved but returned
*Nuff said

11. Sarah - moved
*Left me for Texas. Provo return ETA: 2012.

12. Lani - moved but returned
*Chose the right. Came back to Provo.

13. Kizzle - about to move
*The one taking Allison away. Watch your back, Kyle.

Why do you guys keep leaving?? It is so fantastic here. It is not so fantastic everywhere else.