Thursday, May 31, 2012


As the 2011-2012 school year ended today, OJHS History lost another family member.  Steven and I will be the only ones left to hold down the fort as Lisa departs our little group for Nebraska.  I am so happy she gets to be a mommy and live closer to her family but I am SO sad it means she has to leave us.  I met Lisa in our Utah History class in 2006 at BYU.  We then ended up in 276 together and a European history class after that.  I was excited when she joined Allison and I in the department to make three Jaguars out of Jacklin's 276 class.  Steven might get pretty sick of me this year without Lisa to keep us entertained and on task.  I am starting to notice a pattern here that people in my department don't like to stick around too might be me! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Literally, the only information I know about sports (other than BYU) comes from  If sports players do something to put themselves in the celeb spotlight, then I know about it.  Yep, that is the extent of what I know about sports games.  That being said, my dad took me and Janet to the Jazz game last week.  He said it was a playoff game but that means nothing to me.  I had to ask what "playoffs" mean.  I never remember if it is the beginning of the season or the end of the season.  After I asked that, I was profusely made fun of.  Fine with me.  I use my brain space for religion, history, and celebrities.  NOT sports.

Friday, May 4, 2012


I witnessed the most unbelievable trend while visiting the Sabey clan in Auburn, Alabama.  The trip down south was wonderful but I see every time I go to the South, it is a different world.  The fashion world at Auburn should be trending on the internet because it is a fascinating, different world.  Mr. and Mrs. Sabey had warned Camille and I about the "running shorts and baggy t-shirts" trend but I didn't really believe it.  Well I spent an entire morning learning to believe it and took these photos as evidence.  I have never seen something like this before: 90% of the female students where the exact same type of Nike running shorts, baggy shirts, and unkempt hair.  Granted, I attended college at Brigham Young University where a lot of the student body looks like they are ready for prom when they attend class but this Auburn look is pretty lazy and shabby for going out in public.  I took over 150 pictures so that I could prove my point to the world so I hope these few give you an idea of just how many girls wear this "outfit."  Weirdest.  Phenomenon.  Ever!

This one is my favorite because it is just a sea of thighs.  Lots and lots of thighs.

FYI: the two people in the background wearing pants are with me - they are not Auburn fashionistas

Yes, we were judged for being in regular clothes.  No joke.