Monday, March 26, 2012


My lovely friend, Ashton, put this photo up on her blog the other day and it flooded my memory with good times and southern charm.

Summer of 2005 I took my "college roommate trip" to go visit the lady on the right when Lyndsi, Shanna, and I flew out to visit Ashton in North Carolina.  It was probably one of the best trips of my life.  It was so fun to just travel as friends all while seeing where Ashton grew up.  We played at the beach, visited museums, toured Raleigh, Durham, Elizabeth City, Wake Forest, etc. Plus I was forced to eat Bojangles and such so that was...neat. I also got to go back to the south a year later when Ashton got married and Whitney hosted me at her house.  I am grateful for the amazing friends I made in college!

Hope Plantation
At the Raleigh Temple
With Whitney at the Lake House

Monday, March 12, 2012


I need to clarify some historical misconceptions.  My FAVORITE lesson of every school year is the Russian Revolution and the Romanov family.  Unfortunately, it is a story most people have let Hollywood inform them of, not history books.

This guy:

Did not kill this family:

This girl:

Was not a lost orphaned princess

1. Rasputin was an adviser to the Tzarina, Alexandra, because he was "healing" the Romanov's heir of hemophilia.  He used hypnosis and the newly formed drug Aspirin.

2. Anastasia was murdered along with the rest of her family in Ipatiev House in 1918

3. Anna Anderson was an imposter who lied about being the lost Anastasia - I hate her

4. Rasputin was stabbed, poisoned, shot four times, clubbed and beaten. His actual cause of death of was none of the above, it was drowning after being thrown into a river.

5. The Romanov bodies were found in 1979 but DNA testing was not fully completed until 2008.

It is such an amazing REAL story, I don't know why Hollywood had to go and ruin it with their stupid cartoon of solid lies.