Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Last summer I painted my kitchen cabinets white. I had to live with white cabinets and white floors for six months as I "worked hard for the money" to buy some new floors.  January was the month of floors.  February was the month of little fixes here and there.  March has been the month of re-decorating.  From the start to finish, here is the kitchen:

Cabinets before the paint

Right before the floor destruction

so much white tile
I will NEVER remove tile again.  Thank heavens for my college degree

The messiest job ever.  This dust and dirt was awful.  I was blowing gray snot for weeks.
All cleared and ready for new floors

Josh working so hard as my floor slave

These little transition devil pieces really sucked
Only shot I have of the old table and chairs

After building the table and chairs, I am DONE assembling furniture!

My luscious hand-scraped floors