Friday, May 28, 2010


Today marks the end of my 2nd year as a teacher. What a strange year it has been. I can't really talk about it because a) I don't want to and b) its just too emotional. Let me just leave the year on this note: I have a strange job. The people I see everyday get ripped away from me for three months. Then some of them (9th graders) get ripped away forever. The people that I grow to love can't stay forever. And that's not just students, its teachers too. Today was my last day with Cam. I am actually sitting here in the dark at my desk, probably the only teacher left at OJH right now, crying. I can't believe it has ended. I will never have this back again. I love you Cam! I still have Kath and Allison but it won't be the same without all of us. Good thing for me though, I will only really miss a handful of students. I just wasn't as close to my 9th graders this year as I was last year. Adios year 2. Hola summer travel!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I didn't have harsh feelings towards Utah when it decided to snow on May 24. I think it adds to the unique character of our state. I do however not appreciate my lack of preparation when it came to getting dressed this morning before looking outside. What did I wear today? A sun dress and flip flops. When I left the house it was early, 6:30am. It wasn't snowing yet, just raining so I thought it would get better. 10 minutes into my drive it turned to snow. To top the morning off, the opening song of the announcements at OJH was "Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful." Clever of those 9th graders to choose that song but it stung a little because I was so cold and wet. Still love how unpredictable the weather can be here I guess.

p.s. records were broken all across the state for cold temperatures and precipitation

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have been teaching 2 class periods of 9th grade English the last few weeks. Am I an English teacher? NO. Am I BS-ing my way through? YES. Do you know what I have been studying and creating lesson plans for??? William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Why did I agree to do this? Oh well, today is my last day. Whew! The lesson plan for today only took 40 minutes out of the class period so guess what we did the remaining time? Played HEADS UP, 7 UP. I taught the dumb play and we finished it today so of course a celebration was in order.

I haven't played this game since Mr. Merrill's 7th grade science class at KJH. I think we played it about once a week in his class. The students loved it but I totally loved it more. And I didn't feel bad about playing this game because its not my curriculum or subject time wasted. I have wanted to do heads up, 7 up for a long time. Its kind of like a teacher's dream to do it at least once. "See guys, dreams really do come true."

And to top it all off, Leslie is currently en route to Provo for a visit!!!

ps. major props to those who know what my quote is from. And no, its not Romeo & Juliet