Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The China Crew (the Jensen and Belnap girls) returned to China to do the markets up right this time. We were shopping our guts out, frantically looking for purses because we only had one hour left in the country, when our tour guide David regretably told us we were trapped. The communist government of China was keeping us as POW's. Were were essentially enslaved in China (think Avery in Korea on 30 Rock). China was concerned as to why we returned to their country so soon. They thought we had an angle or political reason for returning - NO, we just wanted more Chinese cheap crap. We tried to secretly plan ways we could get our passports back from the people keeping us there and run away. The Belnap girls decided one day while David was out, to make a run for. He caught us trying to ditch but we kept running. We managed to get to the airport before any guards got to us. We didn't bring any of our shopping back with us, for fear it would slow us down. By some miracle, they let us on the plane without realizing we were on the never-release-them-from-communist-China-list. When our plane landed in America we realized quickly that the commies were on our trail, chasing us. All of a sudden we were at my parents house in Kaysville trying to whisper to dad how we made it home. Then...a knock on the door...and someone entered.The Chinese were there for us! There to take us back. We all hid under a bed and sent dad to deal with them. All I could think about while being under that bed was how could I communicate to Allison how we were able to escape so she can do the same. Then, I awoke. A miracle.

I'm pretty sure this is the communist version of "Donald Duck in Naziland" done by Walt Disney in 1942. If you haven't seen it, go find it on youtube. You will completely understand my dream but with a Chinese twist.

sign from Beijing: "May we remind you: Please be self-restraint and be a good tourist to mold a well-mannered imagination."

Friday, May 20, 2011


The number of EFF words I heard before school this morning. Teenagers are so classy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


This summer will be different from my previous work-free summers. The entire month of June I will spend working on an endorsement at the State Office, July will be pretty chill and care-free, then August comes and I head back to school. Just because this summer is not full of crazy amounts of adventure DOES NOT mean I am looking forward to it any less. Summer means warm air, Lake Powell, sleeping, half the responsibility, and NO more Sunday night blues.

18 - days until school is out
13 - school days left
4 - days since I have consumed anything except clear liquids and soda crackers
9 - days left for my kids to cram for their final exams
7 - years ago I graduated from DHS
12 - days until my journey to Heather's homeland of Texas
13 - hours of sleep I got last night thanks to Tylenol PM
2 - days ago I had to talk to Corey (aka C2) in person
17 - days until 9th grade Lagoon Day (love being a chaperone!)
34 - restaurants left on our Food Tour (will blog about soon)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


If you know what I mean by "the Anthropologie scent," then you need to buy this candle. It is THE scent of Anthropolgie stores. They are $12-28 depending on the size you prefer. I of course purchased two. I love that my adorable bedroom now radiates the essence of Anthro.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Thank you internet, for the hours of fun that ensued after finding a program that could do this:

And of course the entire reason Leslie and I played this game was to try on the "Kate Middleton"