Saturday, October 18, 2008


If you didn't know that fanny packs have made huge comeback then you are absolutely out of the loop. I found this ever so stylish fanny pack on one of my many breast cancer paraphernalia sites. If they make it, they also make a breast cancer version of it. This really is true. They have everything like breast cancer dishes, clothing, jewelry, appliances, cars, lunch bags, Christmas ornaments, and even for Jaimee: pashminas. Since October is already half over, you need to hurry and check out all the breast cancer sites I have listed to the right. I mean you can do that all year round but its like listening to Christmas music in April - its never as awesome.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Behind the milk house on the family farm was an old, rusty, green cattle shoot. The total lack of friends/neighbors when I was a little kid is what led me to spend my summer days playing in said cattle shoot. Honestly, it was so much fun. I would mess around with all the levers and tools that opened and closed the shoot. Sometimes I would even climb in there and close myself in. This was not as much fun as when I could find a sibling or cousin to play with me and I could put one of them in the cattle shoot. Growing up on a farm with all my family around was the best way to do it. What other kids get to play their days away entertaining themselves with a cattle shoot, climbing a silo, hiding in a milk house, being terrified of a chicken coop, riding horses, climbing trees, or canoeing on a pond? I don't know of many others. I think I owe a shout out to mom and dad for raising me right. Thanks!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Please refer to my sister Heidi's blog (found on my blog list to the right) for some good pictures of my brother's (and favorite sibling) wedding. It was a good event but it felt really weird without dad there. FYI to all the young, handsome, college grad, single dudes out there that read my blog: you will have to marry me in Washington. Thanks. Welcome to the Belnap world Holly. Good luck because you already know we are weird.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I am blogging from a MacBook people. Thats right! Its about time I upgraded to one of these fine machines. I just wanted to make all of you (but not Leslie) jealous who are still awaiting the death of your PC to buy a little Apple love. It is so pretty and white and pretty and skinny and white and light and pretty. I owe a big thanks to Alisha for teaching me the way of the Mac. I need a lot of help from her and Leslie on how this thing even works. I am new to all of this. School may have been absolutely awful today but I don't care because it ended well with a Mac in my hands. I might have to become one of those worksheets and videos teachers so I can spend my days playing with my new friend. Speaking of my new friend (the Mac), what should I name it? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Its finally October folks and do you know what that means? It is NATIONAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! Yeah! This is better than Christmas, this is the real "season." Be sure to check out the links I have on this blog to some good BC sites.

This is a really interesting BC month for me for many reasons. My grandmother is battling this disease again for the 3rd time. She is such a trooper, it is amazing. She drove all the way down to Provo by herself in the middle of a treatment period to come to my graduation. It meant the world to me - she means the world to me. I also have a student whose mother died of breast cancer 3 months ago. She is the most precious individual. She had to come to picture day in tears because she didn't have a mom at home to help her pick out an outfit and do her hair. Nobody should face that reality. I brought her a little gift pack of BC paraphernalia a couple weeks ago and she just lit up at the thought that someone else cares and kind of understands. She is a gem and I know she was put into my class for a reason - to have a friend who cares. This year I live with Alisha whose mother had breast cancer. They worship awareness at their house too and celebrating this month with her makes it pretty special as well.

Be sure to stop by Nordstrom or Macey's to pick up some free breast cancer pink ribbons. Wear them in support of someone you know who has dealt with this disease in their life (if you are reading this and you know me then thats someone you know already...kind of a stretch but it works). When you are at the grocery store and see an item with the pink ribbon on it, buy it because that small purchase automatically donates money to the cure. And let me tell you people, we WILL find a cure! Tis the Season!