Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Image this scenario: awkward red-headed 7th grader who has to share every thought that comes to him raises his hand to ask me if I had heard about this health care thing going on with Obama. I obviously was confused as to why this was his question while we were in the middle of a discussion on mapping Utah's mountain ranges. I told him that of course I knew but we needed to get back to mapping. Then he proceeds to inform me, as if I truly just didn't know, about Obama trying to change health care. It doesn't stop there. He goes on to mention that "some guy in another state just won something after another guy died and it's making the republic [aka the republicans] really happy and it's going to stop this health care business." I am all about kids being informed on current issues. However, things that are as heavy as public option health care and and the stunning republican turn of the Massachusetts Senate should wait a few years to be discussed at the breakfast table. Try starting the class back onto mountain ranges after that crazy tangent.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


That stupid television show Big Love is somehow still on the air and starting a new season. Obviously, I am completely offended by that show for numerous reasons - religious and historical. But a new low blow hit today when I was reading an article on about the new year line up for TV shows. They had a little blurb on Big Love starting up again and apparently one of the polygamist people is opening up a casino. One of their (they probably only have 7) fans commented on the article and said, "isn't gambling against Mormon law or something?" Yeah douche, and so is polygamy! They are NOT Mormons on that show. Screw Hollywood. I am so glad this person's only issue with the show is that they are not accurately portraying the gambling beliefs of the LDS faith. Stellar.

(just a little end note, gambling is straight up illegal in Utah, where the storyline supposedly takes place so...)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


If you don't know what a Nordstrom Note is then you don't need to read this post. If you do, please read on. So growing up I may have had a shopping problem at Nordstrom. But I wasn't the only one because everyone in my family shopped there, even dad. I don't need to talk about all the reasons why I love this store because if you are reading this blog then you probably know me (and if you don't know me, that's just weird) which means you know my testimony of Nordstrom. I remember getting the Nordstrom Note checks in the mail all the time. Sometimes twice a month! $20 to Nordy's just for spending money there already, sweet! I got my own Nordstrom card in 2004 and I am proud to say that I am the new owner of a Nordstrom Note! It took over 5 years to earn the points on my own but I did it! This makes me really feel like a shopping whore when I look back at high school. Coming to college kind of halted my shopping money, time, and money for Nordstrom. No more girls trips there after mom left as well so really my money has not been fueled into the store too heavily as of late. But I will be spending that free 20 bones (and then some of course because $20 would buy you tights) with utter enthusiasm. Ahhhh, my very own - and hard earned - Nordstrom Note!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010


No offense to any of you born in January but I hate it. Its only the 4th and I already want to kill over and die. Nothing good comes out of this month. Literally, nothing! I have been sitting here thinking about it and trying to be positive but I can't think of much to change my opinion. I don't like February either but at least its a short month and its usually warmer than January. Boo hiss to this month. Can you tell I had to go back to school today? Perhaps that's why I am in the worst mood ever. I do love my job just so you don't think I hate kids or teaching. I just hate 1) coming back from Christmas break and 2) January. The end.

Friday, January 1, 2010


I have a little tradition on this blog to write about the previous year and the year to come on January 1st. Here is what I wrote in 2008:

2008!!! What will this year bring? I dont know but I could really use a good time. The last year really sucked. Well basically summer of 06 and Dec. 06-Sept. 07. I can't even begin to explain how bad it was. I would rather cut off my favorite finger (the left hand pinky) than re-live some of those days. But somehow I got through it alive and sane. How that happened, I dont know. I am just really feeling a good year coming on. I mean I am starting it out with Tylenol PM, cough medicine, and lots of blankets. Guess I can't ask for more than a good nights sleep. I better get at least one new baby in my life (sisters, that means you!) and one sibling married. I dont think that is too much to ask for people. As for me and what I want, well that is for me to know and no one to find out. A friend inspired me to make a list of predictions. I think I am going to try that for the first time. My first prediction is that I forget all my predictions come March. Happy New Year!

Here is what I wrote in 2009:

Its kind of funny that I started this year of with the same medications and ailments. Well maybe not funny to my mom who will never give up on me taking vitamins. You know I look back on it and '08 was good to me, fairly good indeed. I got 2 new babies (well they will be born in '09 but still) so check that off my list and Josh took care of the sibling getting married by convincing Holly to marry him. And technically, I did get what I wanted and I am still going to keep that little secret to myself. I am no longer acquainted with the friend that made last year's predictions with me so I will make this list all on my own because I am a "grown-up" and can do some things by myself now. I am shooting for one more sibling married this year (fight it out Jen and Heidi), I want to try something totally new, and I want to find true happiness. I wish you all a great 2009 and that you too may find happiness in your lives.

And here are my thoughts and wishes for 2010:

I think I got everything I wished for in 2009. Jen and Timm got married in March. As for trying something new, I went through the temple, I think that definitely counts. And on the part of finding true happiness, well considering this is the year mom and dad come home, I can say I am truly happy right now! I think one of my sisters will definitely be with child this year. The odds are pretty much on my side with that because there are 4 chances for it to go in my favor. I want mom and dad to come home. Also, absolutely in my favor. As for my personal goals and wants: do the point of the mountain paragliding, go on dates that actually excite me, take piano lessons, and do something new and challenging at OJH.

As I enter a new decade I will leave you with a review of my life in the last ten years:
  • 2000 - 8th grade at KJH, had Miss Huggins which changed my life
  • 2001 - finished up junior high and started high school at dear old Davis High
  • 2002 - Salt Lake Olympics livened things up and I became friends with Hannah Watkins
  • 2003 - Senior year of high school, Summer Scholars with Laura, met Baptist, only kid at home
  • 2004 - graduated from DHS and started college at BYU where I met Jessica and Ashton
  • 2005 - moved into P2, the greatest era in Provodom, met the "brothers"
  • 2006 - applied for my major and got accepted!, worked at Deer Valley from 5am to 7pm but free skiing
  • 2007 - started my teaching program and met Allison, Heather joined the crew, dated Cameron, "Summer 'o Fun," moved to Chatham with Josh in my ward, met Leslie, mom and dad left on the mish
  • 2008 - Disneyland, graduated from college, dated Corey, and started working at Orem Junior
  • 2009 - moved to grown-up Provo, Raft for the Cure, NYC girls trip, and went through the temple