Friday, September 30, 2011


Tomorrow is the start of Breast Cancer Awareness season!  Huzzah!  Get excited for only BC related posts for the next glorious 31 days.  All will start tomorrow on the 1 year anniversary of Grammy's passing. 

Monday, September 19, 2011


Is this how I feel about my students?  Not sure, maybe...probably. Meh.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hanging out with Cosmo
Front row fan
Josh and Baby victory dancing at the stadium after the '09 Oklahoma win
Greeting the team at the Provo airport

BYU educated me lots and lots
Helmet-wearing victory lap around Provo
view from Josh's bedroom balcony of the Y
dancing during half-time as a BYU sophomore

Friday, September 16, 2011


Just to clear the air for any confusion: I do NOT have breast cancer (nor will I ever because I won't allow it).  Probably 2-3 students per week ask me if I have breast cancer.  Even adults have been known on occasion to confuse my love of a cure for having the disease myself.  I support breast cancer because multiple women in my life have lost their lives due to the disease.  I started fighting especially because of my Grammy.  I am just a supporter, NOT a survivor.  And if you are wondering, I don't want breast cancer either.  My sister Jaimee is convinced she would probably need to congratulate me if I was ever diagnosed with it.  Please no.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Teachers are on your child's side.

Teachers are not against you.

Teachers have a college degree.

Teachers do not have babysitter training.

Teachers actually do know what they are talking about when it comes to your child, we are with them in their truest form.

Teachers are not saying you child is awful when we call home to talk about their behavior.

Teachers don't actually sit at their desks all day because they are busy: teaching, managing, listening to kids, watching kids, scanning the room for texting and bullying, looking for kids that are not getting it, looking for kids that are moving ahead, answering questions, engaging kids, taking a mental note that your student is always asleep in my class so they need to get more sleep at night, pacing around the room so kids can always see me, changing the slide on my awesome PowerPoint, thinking of things to change for the next lesson, praying for the struggling student, hoping the students love history, hoping the students find history applicable, deciding who cannot work together in a group, deciding who can work together in a group, trying to apply landforms and weather to teenage life in 2011, making eye contact with the kid who is talking, confiscating notes that students are passing, and all the while still TEACHING.

Teachers don't actually hate any students.  We don't have the time to hate students.

Teachers do hate parents who go over our heads by taking a concern with the teacher straight to the principal.

Teachers do like to talk to parents.

Teachers do call home for good kids and naughty kids.

Teachers know your child has more potential.

Teachers know when parents did their child's homework.

Teachers know when parents didn't even know their child had homework.

Teachers can hear 17 different conversations at the same time.

Teachers can tell you more about your child than you would ever imagine. 

Teachers can break up fights before they even start.

Teachers have your child's best interest at heart.

Teachers actually teach from the state core, what the government requires them to do.

Teachers do not teach their personal religion or political beliefs in the classroom.  Really, they don't.

Teachers just want to stand in a room of kids who really want to learn something new.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I spent Labor Day weekend hanging out with the Petersens.  Twas a great time.  They had only been residing in California for 3 weeks when I came to visit them but it felt like they had been gone for decades.  I hate not seeing these people whenever I want.  We definitely made the most of our short time together.  Friday was spent eating delicious Pizza in Folsom.  Saturday was spent in chilly SF.  Sunday was full of worship and touring Sacramento.  Monday was shopping, shopping, eating, shopping.  Thank you Allison and Kizzle for being the best host parents ever!

SF skyline
two history teachers @ Alcatraz
Kyle and I don't get too close ever
making fun of people who buy shoes like this

Fog = my arch-nemisis

totally love each other
surprising new love, thank you Grandpa Pete

two history teachers on a stagecoach

two history teachers in Old Sac