Saturday, September 22, 2007

Honey's Wedding

This is mainly for my momma but the rest of you can enjoy as well!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hare Krishna

No, I haven't converted but I did spend an afternoon of fun at the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. It was pretty interesting. First of all, there were no signs saying that we (me, Jessica, Heather, and Sarah) had to pay to get in until a guy walked up to us with a thick roll of money in his hand. He said each of us had to give him three dollars. Okay, fine. Although I didn't see why we had to pay just to walk around. Whatever.

My main reason for going to India Fest was to see the architecture of the temple. It was a blended style of Islamic and Byzantine architecture but all done in cement. Not a good choice people. This was the most unique temple I have ever been in. The main story is a buffet and thrift / gift store and the upper level is the temple part. We had to take our shoes off to enter the temple which didn't worry me until I had to go to the restroom but I am not B. Spears.

We sat and listened to some monks expain the theology and belief system. That was pretty fun actually. They wore long robes, had painted faces, and had shaved heads with little pony tails in the back. They were all very nice but I have to wonder if the white dudes are just experimenting with glorified hippie-hood.

Well after exploring the temple and religious beliefs we headed off to see the llamas, weird cow things that remind me of documentaries, and my favoirite part: the "satan" billboard. Has anyone seen the new A Little Princess (not the one with Shirley Temple)? Well this totally reminded me of that. It was fantastic. There were also monks dancing, fireworks, lots of Indian Food, and a whole lot of Mormons experiences Hare Krishna.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

2nd installment of the things I love

My Family

House Plans

Lake Powell and Tube Wars

Josh Groban


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Education is worthless apparently

There is this weird culture in Provo that believes marriage is the #1 achievement in life. Maybe its a church wide thing but I -unfortunately- don't get out of Provo much to investigate. I am not dogging on marriage. I love marriage. My parents are married. I am however, angered by the mentality of young married couples and occasionally the older married couple as well, that getting married means you are automatically an awesome person, you don't suck at life, people like you, and you have so much to offer your EC. Well what the crap? The other day I was talking with a group of ladies, most of whom were married. They were asking how random people were doing and what they're up to.
Here is a slice of how the conversation went:
"She has been married for a year now."
"He just proposed last night!"
"She went to Brazil on her mission"
"She is living in Boston with her husband who is going to med school."
"Her mission call came last week."

When they asked about me, my friend answered for me saying:
"Oh, she is just doing school."

WHAT? JUST SCHOOL? Obviously working my 'a' off (without taking so much as a term off from school) so I am not dumb as dirt and so I can teach and influence young minds for years to come means nothing b/c I didn't go on a mission and I am not married. You have to do one of the two. Well folks, no you don't. Look at me, breaking from the Provo mold. Blah blah.

I hate married girls sometimes (Laura don't get offended) they just sometimes suck. Like another married friend of mine told me the other day that if you can't get married during your time in Provo there is a major issue with you. Thanks brat.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Random Insights with more to come . . .

These random pictures give a good insight about what - and who - I love!

Art History

Mom and Dad


Davis High


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kyle Is Awesome!

Kyle finally got me back on my blog after I spent hours trying! Hooray! So expect more post from me soon!