Friday, April 18, 2008


No, the title is not in regards to the men in my life, it is actually about the stupid Eldorado, TX polygamists. Just freaking take the men away. This is my theory and I don't think its an uneducated one (I took an entire class on Polygamy here at the BYU). Granted, my idea is only possible in a perfect world where there would be enough man power and no loop holes in the law. So I think authorities need to go in and arrest those who perpetuate of the whole polygamy issue, the men. Start with all bigamists 18 and older. They are clearly breaking the laws of plural marriage and I'm sure most of them are married to freaking 12 year olds too. If the men are taken away, who are all the crazy women going to marry? Well no one. Perfect.

There are a few problems like what do you do with the hundreds of women and children left on every polygamist colony. Hopefully the women can get really high paying jobs at butter churners or something. I just cannot understand how men in Polygamists groups can walk around free. There is a large polygamist colony just 20 or 30 miles south of Provo. Everybody knows about yet nobody does anything about it. How can that be? If police knew there was a meth lab at a particular house they wouldn't let it just sit there, they would put a stop to it and arrest them.

Also, this is just a side note. The Eldorado FLDS group broke away from the Church over one issue: the revelation to end polygamy. They didn't believe that it really came from God but from a people who just wanted to be accepted by the rest of America. Well how can you believe that one prophet can have a revelation to start doing something and not believe that another prophet can have a revelation to stop doing something? Weird-o's.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Or should I say thoughtful food? Yes, thats exactly it. My dear sweet Lani who is busier than any person I know brought me a get-ready-for-finals-I-dont-have-food-I-need-food-Lani-is-so-thoughtful bag of goodies with a note as well. The best part is, if she hadn't brought that bag-o-fun then I wouldn't have had dinner, seriously. The even better part is that there was a banana and bottled water, two things I was really needing at the time! But the sweetness doesn't stop there because I wasn't the only recipient of the goodie bag. I feel like a douche.

I know this is way random but I need to send a shout out to Sarah Crane. Sarah, I "heart" you. I was just looking through my pictures when I saw this one and it made me so happy.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


You all know that I am a fan of celebrity gossip and I am a fan of the church but when the two mix it just doesn't fit. Can this be for real? According to the following CNN LINK it is. Is it just an April Fool's gone crazy far? I have no comment because I am so shocked/confused/baffled/curious/unsure. Decide for yourself.

NEW: check out this link from People on the same freaking story!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Dear Socky Sockerson,

I was really impressed by you today. Strutting your stuff all around campus without a care in the world, wow. Anyone who can wear shorts, ankle socks, and flip flops deserves a shout out in my opinion. Good luck with the rest of life because I think you'll need it.

Love, Judgey Judgerson