Monday, June 28, 2010


Yes! 0 days. Exactly 3 years ago today, I never thought this day would come. Never ever. I felt like I would be an orphan the rest of my life. Alas, I won't. The parentals come home from the mission today!!! This summer I have been to Amsterdam, Egypt, Washington/Oregon, and rafting the Missouri. None of that crap even compares to what today will be like. The rest of the summer is going to be amazing because it will have mom and dad in it! Holla!!!! God speed ladies and gentlemen.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A term I use to describe myself in my present state. Lani, Jessica, and I leave for Amsterdam/Egypt in two days. Am I ready? No. Have I done anything to prepare? Not really. What am I doing right now? Sitting in Kaysville, blogging and organizing items in my parents house in preparation for their arrival. What should I be doing? Anything pertinent to my trip. I have a procrastinator's soul, I can't help it. Boo.