Thursday, July 22, 2010


It just hit me that while I spent 2 days sailing on the Nile River, there were no life jackets (life preservers, PFD, whatever you want to call them). Nothing! Not really shocking because I never wore a seat belt during my excursions in Egypt either. Can you imagine a western cruise line not doing the muster drill or having life boats? No. Well the cruise ships in Egypt only have 6 life boats. Egypt does things their way. Just a thought that came to me that kind of exemplified Egypt. Jessica and Lani will understand. I will say that our time on the Felucca boat was by far my favorite part of the entire trip. "More than seeing the pyramids," you ask? Absolutely! In the above picture we see Kristen, Lani, Sophie, Jessica, and myself enjoying ourselves. In the picture below you see the Felucca (just a strange type of sailboat).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This blog has no logical ties or connections. I just wanted to post some pictures from Egypt and Amsterdam and talk about the movie I saw last night. The thing is I am not going to put any pictures up. I have tried, unsuccessfully, three times to post some pictures and my blog rejects them. Oh well. I went, I had fun, it was hot. That's the most you are going to get until I start figuring out what stories from my travels I want to tell.

Onto Inception. Go see it, I think. If you have seen it, tell me what you thought. I knew the minute it was over I would 100% be dreaming about it that night. I did. Boy do I know myself. It was a trippy concept with an ending that you kind of have to decide about. I hate that. I love movies to tell me what to think, how to love, who to hate, how to date, and so on. Inception left it up to the viewer (again, I think). Another thing about this movie and movies like it is that they make me feel stupid. My brain can hardly comprehend the story, how do people have the intelligence and creativity to create the story??? Hmmm...drugs? Maybe. All I know is that I liked it. It bugged me. It challenged me. It made me dream crazy ace things. Was I the only one out there that had all these thoughts and feelings?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


People always tell me things like the following when they find out I am a teacher:

  1. "You must be so patient."
  2. "You're too young to be a teacher."
  3. "Well you must be crazy to teach junior high."
  4. "I think you should go straight to heaven."
  5. "How can you handle kids like that?"
  6. "They don't pay teachers enough."

My response to all of this: SUMMER!!!!!

Things I have accomplished: whatever the hizzeck I want! Take that working world people. You guys all chose the wrong career. Next up on this blog of all blogs: more picture proof of how amazing summer is.

p.s. I do actually love my job. Please don't think I am a cruddy teacher and work just to have a little mid-year break. I am actually a fantabulous teacher.