Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Josh and I went inside of a Wendy's today. Very rare because why would you go inside when you can stay in your car and not be seen in public. I wasn't even eating but I told him I would go with him but we had to go inside. Again, why? I guess so this sweet man could change my life. A man in his early 70's walked up to the cashier and handed her a five dollar bill while saying, "I just wanted to give you this tip because you really deserve it. Thank you." The girl's countenance changed. It was like a little blessing of happiness now rested upon her. All from this man's gesture of $5! But it changed me as well. When do you ever tip the lady at Wendy's who takes your order? Never. When are you that gracious to strangers? Never. I just want the world to know that the kindness of one stranger to another changed me today. Forever.

Just an added note: the man ate alone inside the restaurant and seemed so happy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Really? I think it's either a headband OR a garter, not both. No dual purpose with an item like this.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I love to look back at my life and compare where I am today verses where I was in times previous. As Leslie well knows, this can be in any time reference. "Can you believe _____ ago...." Week. Month. Year. Yesterday. Whatever it is, I just like to see how much my life has changed. And I especially love the game, "if someone would have told you a year ago that ____ was going to happen would you believe it?" Here are a few things I have been thinking of lately.

1. One year ago (March 14) I went through the temple. Now I am an ordinance worker at the Provo Temple. I love it!

2. Two years ago this weekend 8 people gathered together in Disneyland for one of the greatest and funniest weekends of my life.

3. Three years ago I was bringing home the bacon from Deer Valley. Man, that seems like centuries ago.

4. Last weekend I was skiing at Deer Valley

5. Last year at this time I didn't know if I would have a job. Now I am thankfully still at Orem Junior and hope to never leave.

6. For the last 6 years I have rented and lived in 9 apartments. Now I get to be my own landlord because I am buying a house.

7. Sadie died five years ago this month.

8. Seven months ago I was gearing up for my 2nd year of teaching to start. Now its almost over.

9. 995 days ago mom and dad still lived in Kaysville

10. One year ago I successfully recovered from my little bout with Bells Palsy

11. If you would have told me two years ago that Corey Mounteer would be married to the other Ashley and have a kid I would have easily put $5,000 in a bet against you

12. When I first started working with Allison if you would have told me she would marry Kyle, I would have laughed so hard for a really long time

13. If you would have told me when I was 14 that I was really going to become a teacher I would have cried tears of joy

14. If you would have told me two months ago that I was going to buy a house I would have slapped you in the face for being stupid

15. If you would have told me three years ago that I would actually enjoy Mom and Dad's mission and be happy for them I would have told you I hate you and I hate missionaries.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I really like grilled cheese sandwiches. Some (okay, a lot) of people believe that I am what you might call picky. I believe I am precise. Basically, there are quite a few "rules," as Heather calls them, in my world. One of the rules is that I will eat a grilled cheese from basically anywhere. Its hard to ruin and easy to make delicious. I am sure my love affair with grilled cheese started as a little kid going to the Bountiful Drug Store with Grandma Moss and company for the earth's most delicious G.C. sandwich. It probably helped that I also would eat french fries, mashed potatoes, chocolate malt, roll, banana cream pie, and a Cherry 7-Up. All at once for one meal? Yeah. From that point on I have always trusted the grilled cheese. Because of my preciseness or rules, I have a somewhat difficult time when eating out but the trusty grilled cheese always has my back. You can pretty much order it anywhere and it is pretty much always amazing. Maybe one day if I get up to the task of generating a list of my rules, I will post it on here. I guarantee you would all be amazed at how I make my eating/snacking/drinking/dining decisions.